Kota Stone could be a naturally on the market, fine-grained style of stone originated from Kota, Rajasthan. Its tempting natural look, sturdiness and low price makes it the foremost extensively used material in each the interiors and exteriors of homes and industrial areas. Kota is standard for its shiny look and charming colors, and ages fantastically over time. it’s on the market in numerous shapes and sizes and might simply mix with any home interior decoration. In fact, the fabric is kind of associate plus within the industry in terms of the distinctive characteristics it possesses.”


We cater to all kind of Industries and are regular supplier of Natural Kota Stone through out India and across the world to actual users/ construction companies for their flooring needs.

We have the fully experienced team for cutting, finishing and supplying the marble stone with the latest technologies. We provide great collection of imported and Indian marbles to your home, office, hotel, hospital and any other location with fast and quality service.

Advantages of Kota Stone Services:

  • It is hard, non-porous and a homogeneous material which can be widely used in different areas.
  • It is not water absorbent and is anti-slip hence is the most perfect and hygienic flooring for humid areas.
  • It is very strong and long lasting.
  • The stone can be polished again if a fresh appearance is desired.
  • Kota is resistant enough to fit to any climatic conditions – dry, humid or cold.
  • It forms a heavy cum strong base for kitchen countertops. In many cases granite or marble slab counters are fixed on top of the Kota stone base.
  • It is economical, easily available and most durable natural stone available.
  • It is a very good reflector of heat making it comfortable to walk on.
  • They are available in slabs and tiles form and extremely cost effective as compared to other stones.
  • It is economical, easily available and most durable natural stone available.

Types of Kota Stone

Interestingly, Kota Stones are available in different types, such as Kota Blue, Kota Brown, covings, bricks and cobbles.

  • Kota Blue stonecomes in various forms – polished tiles, tumbled tiles, natural bricks, cobbles, covings. They are available in bluish green that brings a soothing look in the home decor.
  • Kota Brown stone can be used both in exteriors and interiors, and available in the shade of yellow, green and brown. Kota Stone covings are used in the corners of the spaces like dairy industries, pharmaceutical, food industry where hygiene requirements are high and strict. The corners of these places are ignored spots where dust gathers easily. It is available in the size format of 22inch (L) x 62mm (W)x 62 mm (H).


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